The Day Before Giving Tuesday 2023

It’s November 27th, 2023, the day before Giving Tuesday.

I have a confession to make.

Last year I allowed this website to exist, just minimally. I was filled with doubt about the purpose, impact, and future of the International Partnership for Reproductive Health.

This year, I discussed my concerns with friends and family and engaged in a great deal of soul-searching. I had plans and hope. I had inspiring conversations throughout the year about how to continue the work. There is no one to blame for the absence of IPRH activity.

She’s my baby.

In 2007,  I created the International Partnership for Reproductive Health. Over the years I have seen the work make a difference. Never alone. I have the honor of working work with many people who contributed monetary donations, donations-in-kind, and priceless encouragement. To those people, IPRH owes a debt of gratitude. We thank each board member, past and present, for the gift of your time and extraordinary contributions.

At the end of the day, a singular thought haunts me – if I walk away from this tiny effort to engage in advocacy for reproductive health and reproductive justice, my silence would signal defeat. The legacy of IPRH includes ensuring that my granddaughters have the same freedom of bodily autonomy that I had. The International Partnership for Reproductive Health works to assure that the daughters and granddaughters of women we will never meet have access to healthcare and the same freedom.


We’re not done yet.

In Gratitude,


#Giving Tuesday