The Giving Season

12/9/21: Giving Thursday

 A Huge Thank You!

Thank you for your support.

IPRHglobal works to eradicate cervical cancer.

The generosity and support of people like you make our accomplishments a reality for thousands of women.

Thirteen Successful Fundraising Years

Donations provide :

  • cervical cancer screening, treatment for pre-cancer, and referrals for women diagnosed with cervical cancer. 
  •  opportunities to teach, train, and employ nurses from the communities of Addis Ababa and Adama, Ethiopia
  • access to reproductive services

 Women learning cervical cancer screening

Image 1: Cervical cancer screening training

Our Vision: Eradicate Cervical Cancer



Image 2: Donated cryotherapy instrument


Learn more:

WHO | Prevention of cervical cancer through screening using visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) and treatment with cryotherapy

How You Can Help?

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