Donations and Funding Impact: Eradicate Cervical Cancer

Urgently Needed

Image 1: LEEP loop

Image 2: Ball-tip cautery

  Image 3: Cervical cryotherapy tip

Image 4: Instruments to inspect the uterus

Essentials for the IPRH/SAMH Cervical Cancer Screening Project

IPRHglobal needs funding. We need the help of people like you.

We try to purchase as much of our equipment from Ethiopian vendors in country. Some instruments and equipment require us to purchase here in America and ship the goods to Ethiopia.

Global Women’s Health: Human Papilloma Virus

Nurse Atitegebre provides a pre-VIA discussion.

Where: Adama, Ethiopia

Facility: Sister Aklesia Memorial General Hospital

Our collaborative project combines several ways to identify and treat cervical changes.

  •  VIA (visual inspection with 5% acetic acid solution) to identify pre-cancerous cervical cells;
  • Colposcopy (magnifying),
  • cryotherapy (freezing), and
  • loop electro-excision procedures (LEEP is a removal of pre-cancer cells).

Currently Needed

The three devices (images 1,2,and 3) pictured here are used for treating non-cancer cervical lesions.

The devices in image #4 are important for diagnosing uterine abnormalities.


Item #1: Reusable 10mm x 8mm square LEEP loop. This instrument allows a physician to remove a portion of cervical skin for biopsy (a small bit of the cervix, usually < 1 cm).

Price: $21.00 USD

Item#2: Reusable Ball-Tip cautery instrument which is used for stabilizing bleeding following a biopsy.

Price: $26.00 USD

Item #3: This cone-shaped device is attached to the cryotherapy instrument. The tip touches the cervix and conducts freezing temperatures of about -20 degrees Celsius. Pre-cancer cells on the cervix are removed by freezing.

Price: $135.00 USD

Item#4: Instruments needed for looking inside the womb. Used for abnormal bleeding, infertility.


Individual Items                     Description                                     Price

Top:                                                 Tenaculum                                          $66.00


Left:                                    Female uterine catheter                   $71.00

 Middle:                             Female catheter                                  $71.00

           Right:                                 Cervical dilator                                   $250.00/set

End:                                   Uterine sound                                     $35.00



This is the year. The World Health Organization has developed an ambitious plan to eliminate cervical cancer as a public health problem. What is 90-70-90?

Vaccination: 90% of girls fully vaccinated with HPV by age 15 years

Screening: 70% of women screened using a high performance test by the age of 35 years, and again at age 45 years;

Treatment: 90% of women with pre-cancer treated and 90% of women with invasive cancer managed.

The goal is 90-70-90 by 2030. IPRHglobal is eager to continue efforts to eradicate cervical cancer. IPRHglobal needs funding.

Thank you!