Professor Peter Gooch: Board Member

Support for the Urgent Need for Global Women’s Health

Professor peter Gooch is an artist, writer, and educator. He retired from university teaching and began working on the Board of Directors for IPRH in 2009.

A Life-Changing Experience

After a trip to Ethiopia in 2008, Peter became aware of the urgent need for women’s health care in that country, and the vital role that Dr. Ransom and IPRH could play in increasing awareness of cervical cancer. He recognized the need to provide practitioners with up to date cervical cancer screening and treatment methods.

Organization and Planning: Doing Global Women’s Health

Peter’s role in IPRH falls primarily in the areas of organizational planning, and coordinating logistics for personnel and material.

He also serves along with Dr. Ransom, as the organization’s photographer.

Commitment to the Work of  Providing  Global Reproductive Health

Since 2009, Professor Gooch has accompanied Dr. Ransom on all of IPRH’s trips to Ethiopia. He is committed to furthering the work of IPRH in both a clinical setting and in the organization’s educational efforts. While Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health has made significant strides in women’s healthcare in general, and, specifically in the detection and treatment of women’s cancers, there is much work left to be done by IPRH and its dedicated team.