IPRHglobal Cervical Cancer Screening Update: 12/9/21

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IPRHglobal keeping you current with news from Sister Birhane in Adama, Ethiopia.

International projects are difficult to sustain for many reasons. Communication and on-the-ground contact is often unreliable. Establishing channels of communication are an essential aspect of sustainable projects.

Sister Birhane is the Head Matron at Sister Aklesia Memorial General Hospital.



Sr. Birhane

Sister Birhane, Head Matron and Cervical cancer screening nurse

She is the face of the IPRH/SAMGH Cervical Cancer Screening Project.  I was delighted to connect with Sister Birhane, thanks to Demrew Bejiga. Mr. Demrew is the SAMGH Hospital Manager.

Sister Birhane and I talked about the number of appointments she had today and the assistance she receives from 2 other nurses at SAMGH. She is very interested in educational information to help keep everyone current on cervical cancer screening and techniques for treating non-cancer cervical changes.

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