Why We Work For All Women

Why Global Women’s Health? 


The International Partnership for Reproductive Health understands that global health for all women is not a dream. We know that healthy women are important for strong families and communities.  


Did you know that 49.5 Percent of the world’s population is female? Nearly half of the world’s population are women and many young women leave school when menstruation begins.


A healthy woman is an asset to her community. She is able to attend school, engage in household and community work, and raise families. The International Partnership for Reproductive Health is working to create access to basic health and family planning for all women. 


Women’s Health: The Basics


Improvements in healthcare, nutrition, and hygiene mean maternal deaths are much rarer today. Yet women are still dying from pregnancy-related causes that are preventable.

Non-communicable diseases such as cancer and heart disease are examples of preventable risks to a healthy community.


The Future of Global Women’s Health


The International Partnership for Reproductive Health is committed to improving the health of all women. We see a world of potential for all women and we know that the work of looks almost impossible. However, bringing health to all people is possible. 


Where to Begin?


We actively advocate  for the women of the world by starting with our communities. We start with ourselves and our families and we see the big picture. 

Our communities are not limited. The health of a single woman in Ethiopia can be life-changing. The pursuit of health for all women becomes global when we look beyond ourselves.