Global Women’s Health: 2021

We Are a Global Community of Women

I don’t know about you, but, my 2021 is going to be FEARLESS!

Designing and creating the year that takes care of the whole you is about renewal and making space for wellness.

Spiritual health and physical health are equally important.

Let’s welcome health-seeking that involves mind, body and spirit. Global health for the whole woman!

Engaging in global activism and advocacy, despite the Pandemic, is possible.

The Basics: Food and Water

Have you considered activism and advocacy that involves the basics?

Keeping ourselves healthy is about being selective and replacing quick food with food made by our hands, with ingredients we select.

Being mindful is about the big picture. Me, you, and everyone.

Global health requires understanding issues such as food insecurity.

The health of many families suffer because of  limited nutrition.


Access to clean water is very difficult for many communities living with low resources. We can be mindful of  water use and learn how to be  clean water advocates for our communities.

Children getting water

Reproductive Health and Our Environment

Climate change and environmental  issues impact all of us, including the global community of women. Women living in low resource communities face a higher risk of  exposures that  may negatively impact their reproductive function.

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Charity Begins at Home

The work of advocating for the health of all women begins at home. The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. This year, let’s work together.

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